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Domestic Air Conditioning

ARTCOOL-lg1Feeling comfortable in your home should be something that all homeowners and residents experience, but on days where the temperatures outdoors are particularly warm or veering towards the colder end of the scale, this comfort can be somewhat reduced. Having a fully functioning, efficient air conditioning system can make these inconveniences a distant memory.

Your Home Air Conditioning

Whatever your needs we are happy to arrange a visit to discuss your requirements and find a systems suited to you and your budget.

We supply home air conditioning in a range of locations for domestic customers including;

• Conservatories
• Bedrooms
• Lounges
• Dining rooms
• Kitchens
• Games rooms
• Loft conversions
• Workshops
• Garages and Home offices

Air conditioning was considered a luxury, but with rising summer temperatures and an increase in pollen/pollution related issues, it is the ‘new thing’ to have air conditioning fitted in our homes as most of us are realising that it is rapidly becoming a necessity as well as a luxury for our homes.

FTXS-G (3)Our systems are economical and cost-effective to install and run. Most of our systems will provide your heating in the winter as well as cooling in the summer. The internal units are sleek, elegant and aesthetically pleasing in a multitude of styles to suit all tastes.

A split type system is the most commonly used form of air-conditioning system for the domestic home. This will allow you to run multiple units in individual rooms giving comfortable temperatures throughout your home. They contain a low-noise fan, and are generally wall-mounted, floor-standing or concealed within attic spaces.

A3050_Lifestyle_Cut_BEST_Plates_Living Room AThe units we install outside your property are also compact in design and unobtrusive and operate with extremely low noise ratings. They can be placed anywhere outside, either floor-standing on a patio/balcony, flat roofs, or wall-mounted on suitable brackets. They can also be concealed where possible or have a special printed overlay to disguise them into their surroundings.

There are many different types of air conditioning unit, so finding one to suit your property will not be a problem with us.

Air conditioning maintenance comfortable environment is essential to luxury apartment blocks, offices and public buildings working efficiently. Commercial air conditioning helps ensure air quality and eliminates the need to open windows. This is especially useful in urban streets, hospitals, restaurants and technical/computing environments to preserve a clean and temperature controlled environment.

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Air Conditioning SERVICE LINE


Air Conditioning Installation

B.A.P. Maintenance provides air conditioning installation, service and repair for all commercial and industrial applications throughout London. Our qualified and trained technicians have expertise across various makes and types of A/C systems including Daikin, Mitsubishi Electric, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Fujitsu, Samsung and LG



Our systems are economical and cost-effective to install and run. Most of our systems will provide your heating in the winter as well as cooling in the summer. The internal units are sleek, elegant and aesthetically pleasing in a multitude of styles to suit all tastes.


Emergency Repair

Emergency Repair and Call Outs We support all air conditioning maintenance contract customers with a comprehensive 24 hour/365 day telephone and call out service to contracted and non-contracted customers.
Call now on +44 (0)20 8450 6268 or 07870 976 301


AC Systems

Our company offer wide range of professional AC system installation. It doesn’t matter whether you want to install a new AC unit or just want to replace the old one. We have fully trained, experienced and reliable technicians who will carry out this process and make it go smoothly.

Heating Service

When you need an engineer to carry out any gas related work with your heating installation, look no further than B.A.P Maintenance Ltd.  We offer a reliable, experienced and fully qualified heating service for all domestic, commercial and industrial properties

Air Conditioning

We are trained and qualified to maintain all types, makes, models and sizes Domestic & Commercial air conditioners, ventilation plants, refrigeration, commercial fridges and cold rooms.

Plumbing Service

B.A.P Maintenance Ltd provide a wide range of plumbing works across the whole Greater London area. It does not matter if it is a basic pipe work installation or a full bathroom installation, we are able to provide you with a professional service at competitive prices.


Refrigeration systems encompass a wide range of functions and types, from regular freezers, chillers and ice machines to large cold rooms, walk in fridges and walk in freezers. We can delivery, install, maintain your refrigeration system.

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