J-II_FujitsuCustomers are getting more and more confused while provided with various terms concerning plumbing, heating and HVAC industry. Since this is a vast subject, let’s focus only on HVAC. Homeowners may wonder whether air handler and air conditioner are the same. Actually they aren’t. But the good news is that there is some information about them here, in this blog.

Both of them are used to cool the air in your home but they work different way. Air conditioners are set outside the home. They remove heat from inside and carry it outside. Everything thanks to a refrigerant coil. It takes the heat from the warm air and transfers it outside where the heat is expelled. In contrast, air handlers can either heat or cool the air indoors (using the indoor coil). They are set inside and can move the air throughout your home, using the blower.

The choice depends on customer’s needs. If you want to cool down the air in your home, a conventional air conditioner is the best option. On the other hand, air handler can operate with an air conditioner or with a heat pump, so you can both heat and cool your home.