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Boiler repair

Service & Maintenance

A boiler is like your home’s physical heart. The entire central and water heating system in your house is dependent on the functioning boiler. Therefore, it must work properly at all times to provide your house with hot water whenever you need it. Regular maintenance and service is necessary to avoid any malfunction and maintain the proper level of safety of your dwelling. If you are looking for an experienced engineer to carry out any megaflo or boiler-connected work, you have found just the professionals

B.A.P Maintenance Ltd – London Boiler Service offers a wide variety of services to improve your water & gas installation’s efficiency, lower running costs, repair your system and increase its safety. We offer the best type of boiler repair in London – no matter how hard you look, you won’t find another group of professionals that will carry out their task so efficiently.

We handle all kinds of boiler repairs, no matter how small or large, so even if you’re struggling with little more than a tiny leak, feel free to contact us and schedule an appointment. Our friendly operatives will help you schedule a comfortable time for the repairs. Our service is quick and efficient, so we won’t cause much disruption in your home.

On top of boiler repair services, we also offer general plumbing work, as the proper functioning of the plumbing system is integral to ensuring that your boiler runs smoothly for longer periods of time. By making sure that all your leaking or burst pipes are always in perfect shape, we can also guarantee that you’ll always have access to hot water and that your house is pleasantly warm.

Whether you’re a private homeowner or a possess a commercial venue, you can count on us to fix your boiler for you as soon as we can, at the best possible price. We can arrange long-term repairs, as well as quick fixes as part of our emergency service, available to you 24 hours every day. Call us whenever you need us, and wherever in the Greater London area you are, we can fix your boiler in no time.

General Plumbing Work

Repair of leaking and  burst pipes, bathroom installation, tap
toilet and sink maintenance, power flushing and kitchen installations.


General Plumbing Work

Central heating installation, repair and service, under floor heating, boiler upgrades, gas systems service and commissioning and gas fire.

Central Heating Installation



Domestic & Commercial

London Boiler Service and Repair
We specialise in all gas related works in your household. Our London Gas Service guarantees safe and swift help for any kind of domestic gas appliances. B.A.P Maintenance Ltd is a professional provider of maintenance, installation, servicing, repair solutions for all of your commercial and industrial gas requirements.


Domestic & Commercial Gas Certificates

The Gas Safety Certificate is an important document which approves the gas system in your property is safely & legally installed and meets the Gas Safe requirements. The law imposes that you must have your gas installation checked every year only by a Gas Safety registered engineer.
Call now on +44 (0)20 8450 6268


Boiler Emergency Service

Our DOMESTIC & COMMERCIAL – Boiler – Plumbing & Heating gservice is available 24/7 and we can provide you with emergency engineers within one hour covering the whole of the Greater London.
Call now on +44 (0)20 8450 6268 or 07870 976 301

Heating Service

When you need an engineer to carry out any gas related work with your heating installation, look no further than B.A.P Maintenance Ltd.  We offer a reliable, experienced and fully qualified heating service for all domestic, commercial and industrial properties

Air Conditioning

We are trained and qualified to maintain all types, makes, models and sizes Domestic & Commercial air conditioners, ventilation plants, refrigeration, commercial fridges and cold rooms.

Plumbing Service

B.A.P Maintenance Ltd provide a wide range of plumbing works across the whole Greater London area. It does not matter if it is a basic pipe work installation or a full bathroom installation, we are able to provide you with a professional service at competitive prices.


Refrigeration systems encompass a wide range of functions and types, from regular freezers, chillers and ice machines to large cold rooms, walk in fridges and walk in freezers. We can delivery, install, maintain your refrigeration system.

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