Dangerous carbon monoxide – customer safety number one priority

carbon monoxideMany devices in people’s homes can produce carbon monoxide (CO) which is very dangerous to our health and in some cases it’s even deadly. These appliances might be for example: blocked flues, cooking appliances that don’t work properly, boilers or heaters. Generally, everything that burns carbon can be dangerous if it’s faulty.

CO poisoning is especially dangerous because homeowners are not likely to realise that they’re actually being poisoned at the moment. Anyone can smell or see carbon monoxide in the air. CO is impossible to detect using human senses. This is the reason why around 40 people a year die from CO poisoning in England and Wales and about 4,000 are admitted to hospital. Apart from that, there are also many, many people who might not even realise that they have been poisoned.

So, how to solve this problem? Why aren’t people protecting themselves? How to prevent ourselves from CO poisoning? The best way to discover faulty appliances, which may produce CO, are regular check-ups, done by Gas Safe registered engineers. Therefore, it is crucial to stress to the customer the importance of regular service. It is also a good idea to buy a CO alarm.

To sum up, homeowners should defend themselves against carbon monoxide by installing CO alarm and, what is the most important, have their appliances checked annually.