Hard water – scale protection

hardwater1Hard water is a serious problem that affects many homes in the UK. It is very important to understand what hard water is exactly and what the consequences of having it are. Hard water is the water which contains high amount of minerals like magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate etc. The hardness level of the water is determined by the amount of its mineral content.

What does it do to plumbing? The problem is that minerals in the water constantly accumulate inside pipes and appliances. Scale build-up in pipes grows very easily and very fast (within two to three years) and in the end, becomes a problematic issue. It is considered that without scale protection, hard water may cause significant increase in energy usage. Not only it wastes energy, but also causes appliances to operate less efficiently and consequently makes their lives shorter.

The solution of this problem is very simple – scale protection. Homeowners have got two options. Either they can use water softeners or water conditioners. Water softeners are
salt-based and they protect your pipes and appliances by softening hard water. In contrast, water conditioners prevent scale build up and then remove scale which has been already attached thanks to the water ionization process.