Winter is coming – are you and your radiators ready?

Famous radiator connectionThe winter is getting closer and closer. In fact it’s just around the corner. Perhaps it’s high time to wonder whether your home is ready for it. Let’s start with radiators – the nice and helpful appliances thanks to which it’s warm in your home during the cold days. You had better ensure that you use them properly and that they work as efficiently as possible.

Firstly, do not cover your radiators with anything. Even painting them with too many coats makes them work less efficiently. Avoid curtains pushed behind the radiator and don’t dry your clothes over it, otherwise you will stop the flow of warm air. Secondly install
a thermostatic radiator valve. This way you will be able to control the heating in every room separately, so you won’t waste energy for pointless heating the rooms in which you don’t even spend time. Thirdly, bleed your radiators. If they are not warm enough there might be air trapped inside them, therefore you have to get rid of it.

These are some tips for you to follow saying how to make your radiators work more efficiently. The other thing is that your boiler should work properly as well. That’s way you had better have it checked at least once a year and that ought to be done by a gas safe registered engineer.